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Wedding is that one day in our life when we want things to be perfect. From the decoration to food, venue to centerpieces all must be the best on that day. People decorate their wedding venue to beautify the purpose of that day. Here are some sunny sunflower wedding centerpiece ideas for the most special day of your life.

Sunflower Wedding Centerpiece Ideas:

Sunflower Wedding Centerpieces

You can use sunflower bouquets in various ways as your wedding centerpiece. Sunflowers stay fresh for a longer time, so even if your wedding is outdoors you don't have to worry about the sun.

Take 12 small sunflowers cut each of its stem in varying length. Take 40 small white spider daises and combine them with sunflowers to make a bouquet. The combination of white and yellow will look sweet.

If you are taking large sunflowers then keep the length of the stem of each flower different. Arrange them in a vase in a manner that all the sun flowers face outward.

Sunflower with roses

Yellow and pink color goes very well with each other. To make your sunflower bouquets look pretty use yellow roses along with them. Take eight big sunflowers, cut the stems of the sunflowers in equal height and keep them long. Tie these flowers together to make a simple bunch. Now take yellow roses in semi bud stage. Keep the stems of the roses shorter than the sunflowers and arrange the roses in a manner that they surround the sunflower bunch completely, tie firmly this floral arrangement. The stem of the roses must be of appropriate length so that the roses are just below the sunflowers.

You can have two to three layers of roses surrounding the sunflowers. After you have surrounded the sunflowers with one layer of roses, repeat it again and this time keep the stems of roses shorter than the previous one.

This type of setting will look good with more number of flowers and arrange the final bouquet in a white vase.

Floating sunflowers

When you think of floating sunflowers the first thing that comes in your mind is five to six flowers floating in a glass bowl. But the idea suggested here is quiet different as you are special.

Take a glass bowl and large sunflowers. After you have filled the bowl with water place the flowers in a manner that they are at the sides surrounding the entire inner circumference of the circular bowl. Now in the space which is left blank place lavender. The combination of yellow and lavender looks pretty impressive.

If it is night time then at the center of the bowl put three floating candles concentrated together.

Unlike other flowers like roses or lilies sunflowers are not so popular to be used in wedding decorations, but they are at the same time a cheaper option than other flowers. A wedding set in outdoors on a bright sunny day and decorated with these bright flowers will look simply stunning. Have sunflower wedding centerpieces and make your wedding special.

You might not know that sunflower is a symbol of a World Free from Nuclear Weapons and it is because it is a symbol of peace, new life, and remembrance. It is also a symbol of loyalty, respect and love for self and others, faithfulness, and longevity. All these things are essential for everyone's life, especially when you are starting a new life of togetherness, because there will be some moments in your married life when you both disagree over some matter. This sunflower will remind you about the peace, love, faithfulness and respect for each other. This remembrance will help you to calm down, respect the feelings of other and start a new life with some more understanding. Now, you might realize and feel happy for yourself as you had chosen to make a sunflower part of your wedding by using it for wedding centerpieces. So, go ahead and make a sunflower one part of your wedding (with honor and pride) by using it for centerpieces and wedding bouquets. Not only this, but incorporate the symbol of sunflower in your life to live happily forever.

You can tell to your guests, why you used sunflowers in wedding centerpieces and bouquets. Let them also know the real meaning and symbol of sunflower. This would be definitely helpful for them somewhere in their lives.

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